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Orange Days

In their senior year of high school, three friends discover the secrets they've kept from each other and must decide whether to be honest and upfront or to let the friendship go.

Written by
Kyle Bode, Timothy Patrick Hughes, and Christian Vunipola
Watch the film here!


Laura and Ryan recently went through a difficult breakup. When Laura invites Ryan over to pickup the last of his things, Ryan uses it as an opportunity to share a letter entitled “an itemized list of reasons we should get back together”. Laura refuses to be swept by his gesture, causing deeper truths about their relationship to unfold.

Written by

Timothy Patrick Hughes

Watch the film here!

Crime and Pawnishment

On his way home from a party, Arnold accidentally runs over a puppy. His troubles only triple when he decides to bring the corpse home. A farcical take on immense guilt and what it will drive someone to do.

A play by Timothy Patrick Hughes

You can read it here!

*A selection for the OCSA One Act Festival

Two of Us (And No One Else)

After a young boy endures a fight between his parents, he escapes off to his hideaway, a nearby pond, and encounters a strange creature.

A short story by Timothy Patrick Hughes

You can read it here!

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